Meet the Owner: Erik Rayo

Founder and CEO Erik Rayo


To create awareness, trust, and a worldwide family is the reason why I personally wanted to introduce myself and explain our business motto.



First, I am sure you guys are wondering why I specifically founded a jewelry business. The reason is much bigger than you may think (and I will explain it through this self-introduction) but to answer it in terms of jewelry: to bring a different understanding of nature and jewelry in our lives! Through this store we want to make known that jewelry is not only something that looks pretty when we wear it or see it but that it is an actual piece of nature that took thousands of years to form and that has seen billions of years pass by. When you realize this and notice that you are wearing stones and materials that are tremendously old, it becomes easier to understand how beautiful and majestic nature and our earth are!



To explain a little bit about myself, I am several things: an entrepreneur, university student, actor, model, and most importantly a child of God who is only seeking to contribute to the worldwide community. How do I plan to contribute to the worldwide community? Apart from doing business around the world, I plan contributions to a church system which sends missionaries and connects with people worldwide. I endeavor to bring awareness of the goodness of God through our actions! "No one should seek their own good, but the good of others." (1 Corinthians 10:24). You might notice that I emphasized my beliefs in this paragraph a lot; this is because they are my motivation and the part of my life that contributes to everything I do!



We believe that our family is not only that group of individuals in which we were born into but that we also have a royal family with God full of brothers and sisters worldwide! I love my family, and just like that feeling of great joy when we welcome a newborn into a family, we feel the same when someone new joins our family! By now, I hope you see the symbolism of our jewelry to God's creation. Jewelry just as beautiful as it is, was created by God but shaped by men, our world and families were created by God and shaped by men. I look forward to shaping our world beautifully with you!


- Erik Rayo

Founder and CEO of Jewelry Store by Erik Rayo




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