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Enchanted Rose from The Beauty and The Beast

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Beauty and The Beast Handmade Preserved Rose

  • High quality and a 100% real rose.
  • Keeps fresh for up to 5 years.
  • A symbol of forever love and appreciation.



Hand Made Item: It could take 15-30 days to be delivered.

Material: Rose, LED Lights, Plastic & Glass

Color: Red, Blue, Purple

Item Size: 21*21*32*15cm / 8.26*8.26*15.59inch

Net Weight: 1000g/35.3oz

Package: 1* Handmade Preserved Rose (Batteries not included)

Daily Maintenance of Eternal Flower Rose

1. Please avoid placing it in strong vents such as direct sunlight or air-conditioning fans. Sealed and stored according to actual conditions.

2. Keep in mind that eternal flowers should not be exposed to water. When the moisture is heavy, the petals will be translucent. At this point, use a blower to blow dry air or place the desiccant next to the flower. Seal for several days to restore the original condition.

3. Everlasting flowers are natural plants that last for a long time, so they do not cause pollen allergies and do not affect your health.

4. Preserved Rose are derived from natural flowers. They are delicate. So do not touch the petals with hard objects. The eternal flowers are artificially dyed. Please place the eternal flowers separately. If they are in contact with other objects, they may be stained.

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