Rings for Men Silver Stainless Steel TK778N with No Stone

Rings for Men Silver Stainless Steel TK778N with No Stone

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Description for Rings from Jewelry Store by Erik Rayo:


1. 100% Brand new in original packaging

2. Never fades, never tarnishes, never discolors

2. Lasts forever if treated with care 

Made in the USA – Premium quality - Environmentally friendly - Will not cause allergic or skin reactions (100% Safe to wear at all times for kids and adults)


Rest assured the product you receive will be in perfect condition as it is inspected before labeling as “perfect to sell”. This ring's style is one of the most beautiful designs we have made and since we work on them piece by piece, every ring is unique. Each ring is professionally handcrafted for a solid yet super comfortable feel for your skin.


We are a Christian owned company inpired by God to use jewelry as a gift of love by following His example in Ezekiel 16:11-14. Be parters with us on a major purpose; God creates nature, we shape it, thus, we seek to shape nature in a way that glorifies Jesus by giving love to those around us with jewelry that is a combination of God's perfect creation and our beautiful designs.

Material: Stainless Steel

Finish: High polished (no plating)

Center Stone Type: No Stone

Center Stone Name:

Center Stone Color: No Stone

Weight (approx): 10.60 (g)